Make a Difference Case by Case - 11% of your purchase goes directly to your cause!

  • Making a difference case by case

  • Support your First Responders today!

  • Show your support one case at a time!

Making a difference case by case

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Support your First Responders today!


Show your support one case at a time!

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Change someone's life with your phone case!

Caring Cases makes your purchase of an essential item, your cell phone case, a social mission that not only protects your phone, but communicates to the world who you are and how much you care. Your cell phone case becomes an extension of you, your own meaningful expression and impactful investment that has a profound effect on people’s lives! 

Our Story

Caring Cases blossoms through the adversity of the pandemic.

The pandemic paused life for our family and gave us the gift of time for more inspiring conversations. The desire to help others facing this tragedy was clear and an idea blossomed from having to explain to my 13 year old son why our oldest daughter (a nurse), still had to go to work; while we, and what seemed like the rest of the world, were all staying safe in our homes.

In the middle of this conversation, I glanced down at my phone case that was falling apart and the idea struck me. “What if you could buy a phone case and 10% of the profit could go towards helping people on the frontline and people battling diseases at the same time?"

Our kids got really excited about it! Then our kids said, “When dad coaches us and tells the team to run 10 laps, he looks directly at us and asks, ‘How many are YOU going to run?’ Our answer is always the same. ‘One more than everyone else!” So we decided we'd give 11% and we chose 11 causes to support! Our youngest daughter created the name Caring Cases and the logo with the heart over the "i" and our son has designed many of the limited edition phone cases. Just like that Caring Cases blossomed! 

Epilepsy is one of our causes because I lost my baby brother to a grand mal seizure in 2004. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was 10 years old and passed away when he was only 24. This is our way of helping others battling this disease and keeping my brother’s memory alive.

We are excited to have created this new model in philanthropy based on an essential item, your cell phone case. If you have to buy one, why not buy the one that has a great mission and social impact?

Now you can protect your phone and make a difference in someone's life at the same time!

Buying a case means more than you know!

As I’m writing this tears are streaming down my face; you have no idea how much your 11% donation will help towards continued education and research for Type 1 Diabetes. We are so thankful for the time you have dedicated towards such a personal cause so near and dear to our family. The love and passion you both have for the causes you are supporting is immeasurable. Your Caring Cases ❤️ products get the conversations started, provide necessary funds for further support and I am excited for more exposure to a life or death disease. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

Karie Duran

I purchased a phone case & tumbler from Caring Cases to show my Support for Epilepsy Awareness. Now if a person with Epilepsy sees my case or tumbler out in public, they will know they are not alone.

Jesse Olvera